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5 Apr 2014



The 12th ASEAN Summit held in Cebu City in January 2007 declared the Declaration on the Acceleration of the Establishment of an ASEAN Community by 2015”. In this context, ASEAN economic ministers have instructed The Office of the ASEAN Secretary to prepare the ASEAN Economic  Community (AEC) Blueprint.
The Blueprint will include the  establishment of a Single Market and Production Base, Regional Competition Policy, Regional equitable economic development, and Full integration with the global economic.
The mission of this ASEAN Economic Community is to improve the economic activities and cooperation among ASEAN countries and develop their competitiveness in the global economic setting. AEC is also expected to play a strategic role in  the global economy by attracting the developed countries to support the development of the AEC. Therefore, the establishment of AEC will open more opportunity for business, education, employment, and human resource development of the ASEAN member countries to participate in the regional and global market.  The AEC provides a much greater economic framework for its members to further explore every opportunity that is available. Indonesia. for example. has a large labor force that can be of service to other ASEAN countries, like Singapore and Malaysia, whose capital investments can create employment in their respective countries and  with better  in other ASEAN countries.
However, the establishment AEC also presents some threats to ASEAN member countries, like Indonesia. Admittedly, Indonesia has a huge amount of labor force which is  generally unskilled and is not well prepared to compete with other ASEAN countries. Much more, unskilled labor is not included in the liberalized item of the ASEAN integration. Therefore, the Indonesian government urgently needs to respond by  uprading the quality and competitive skills of its human resources. Further more, Indonesia is rich in natural resources but foreign skilled labor dominate the managerial positions. ASEAN Free Trading Area (AFTA) 2015 might be a nightmare if the government, businessmen and the community are not well prepared to manage and control the flooding of skilled labor from other ASEAN countries, such as Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. to Indonesia.
The AEC is only a year ahead. How prepared are we in terms of planning for an integration and at the same time being competitive in education, skilled labor, human resources, economic products, business and management services? In some aspect we say, Yes and some, we say, No.
Through this seminar, the speakers and presenters will share with us, the why and the how of  member countries in preparing for the opportunities and the answers to the challenges ahead.. Truly through the AEC, the member countries will be able learn their respective strengths and weaknesses, and together they will be able to harness their creativity and innovation to work together for economic prosperity in the region.
The committee envisioned this seminar as a  sharing of significant programs and initiative that will help speed up the awareness of ASEAN member countries, particularly Indonesia being able to see the opportunities and the threats the  AEC 2015.
Good Luck. 

Participant Target
Lecturers, students, NGO’s, proffesionals, and entrepreneurs.

The Important Dates

In relation to the seminar, the important dates are
• Final date for full paper submission                    : April 15,, 2014  
• Notification for full paper acceptance                 : April 10, 2014
• Early Birds Registration                                      : April 15 - 20, 2014
• Payment full amount                                          : April 10 – 24, 2014
• Conference Date                                                 : April 28-29, 2014

Seminar will be held at: Kendari, Indonesia

Paper Submission Requirements
1. Original
2. Paper that still related to the topic are welcome.
3. Abstract is written in English, 100-300 words, 1 spaced using 12 fonts, Times New
    Roman in Word format (.doc, .docx)
4. Paper is 6-8 pages.
5. Papers should be submitted through the following e-mail address :
6. Accepted papers must be presented at the seminar.
7. Papers should be written in 1.5 spaced using 12 fonts, Times New Roman in Word format (.doc, .docx). Name the file is “UHO-SI-Author name”.

The article is preferred on ASEAN Economic Community 2015 : opportunities and threats in aspects : Human Resource,  Education and Employment, Productions and Operations Management, Entrepreneurship Development and Small-Medium Enterprise, Finance and Banking, Rural Development, Sustainable Development

Other Academic Benefit
1. All selected papers will be published in international proceeding  (only for presenter)
2. The best three papers in every topic will be selected

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